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"In order to keep a true perspective of one's importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him."

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

  • •Sign of The Scorpion
    •Ruling Planet - Mars
    •Most Desirable Qualities - Strong likes and dislikes, independent
    •Talent - Hiding things, proficient swimmer
    •Physical Characteristics - Handsome features
    •Lucky Day - Tuesday
    •Most Harmonious Signs - Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

You were born under the Sign of the Scorpio, which symbolizes your strength, determination and makes you a natural leader. In addition you are a proficient swimmer, unless of course you have just had your hair done or someone has had the nerve to throw you into the swimming pool at a wild party.

Because you have an excellent memory, but are easily excitable, you think and act with great speed. This can cause you to ascend to the heights of achievement or turn like the scorpion and destroy your own happiness. So slow down and take your time!

The ruling plant of Scorpio, the eighth house of the zodiac, is Mars, named for the god of war. Because of this you have deep emotion and tremendous passion beneath the calm surface of your personality and enjoy a good argument over who gets the corner hydrant. You want to have your paw in everything that goes on, yet at times you can be frustratingly independent and can make everyone around you feel unimportant.

You are vain with a magnetic personality; your hypnotic charm draws all those who come in contract with you and you love the fuss that everyone makes. But let no one forget that you have very strong likes and dislikes.

Your endurance is really remarkable. Your strength should, however, be guarded or you will over extend yourself just to prove that you can.

But your Peter Pan qualities will never let you completely grow up and you will be charmingly youthful even in later years. You like to hide your toys and possession where no one, including you can find them again even though you have an excellent memory.

You can be ruthless like the eagle and will go through any ordeal for your loved ones. Watch your paws carefully, stay away from drafts and never indulge in rich foods.

Particular and skeptical regarding finding a mate, you would do well to be with one born between June 22 and July 22 and will be quite pleased if this "arrangement" was made for you.

This will be an excellent year for you and you may play a prominent role in a patriotic event. Your lucky number will be 8. You love flowers, but fall is your favorite time of the year and you will delight in roaming the woods and enjoying the smells. Your favorite color is dark red.


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