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"Near this spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, all of the virtues of Man without his vices. This praise, which would be unmeaning flattery if inscribed over human ashes, is but a just tribute to the memory of Boatswain, my dog."

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

  • •Sign of The Goat
    •Ruling Planet - Saturn
    •Most Desirable Qualities - Reserved, ambitious, good sense of humor
    •Talent - Social climbing
    •Physical Characteristics - Perfection in form and build
    •Lucky Day - Saturday
    •Most Harmonious Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Libra

The Goat symbolizes the ability to scale heights and this will be your driving force since you are the ultimate social climber.

You adore trips to the doggy salon and "beautiful dog of the year" is your greatest desire. You just intuitively know that the nicer you appear to others the more likely you are to get what you want.

And, you are such a FLIRT. Roll those eyes, wag that tail and you have the attention of everyone in the park! The stars indicate a match with one born under the sign of Cancer.

This year will be an exceptionally favorable one and things will happen in pairs, most of which will be exciting. You will be very popular and friends play an important part in your life this year!

There is also a possible change of residence or the renovation of your home. You will feel displaced, but adjust easily to your new surroundings.

You show good judgment and exceptional insight especially were people are concerned.

You would do well on an archaeological dig since you work hard to dig for buried treasure, but thoroughly study the remains when found.

Subject to mood changes you sometimes appear shy and distant and at other times overly affectionate. And while you enjoy being alone, happily roaming, you would be heartbroken if you were not included. You have charming little ways of showing your jealously and hurt feelings!

You are very receptive to catching cold, so try to stay warm and dry. A sunny spot is high on your list of delights.

Since your birthday comes before, during or after the holiday and New Year period, you naturally assume that all of the holiday festivities are in honor of your birthday and that you are very special! Your lucky number is 7. Your favorite colors are tan and blue.


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